Trumpanoia – The Poor State of the United States

Trumpanoia – The Poor State of the United States

I'm not a political creature; in fact, I have less interest in politics than I do in midget horse porn, and that's saying something. But I can't he

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I’m not a political creature; in fact, I have less interest in politics than I do in midget horse porn, and that’s saying something.

But I can’t help but notice the landslide of protests taking place in these united states since Mr. Trump was elected. Elected. I always thought that meant that the majority of the people had voted for him, or that the electoral college did whatever they do and pronounced him king.

Like I said, I don’t know much about the political process.

But the main question in my mind at this point is if he did indeed get elected, why didn’t these protesters get out and vote against him? I don’t agree with everything he does, don’t get me wrong; but the man IS the President now, and I thought the time-honored thing to do was to rally behind the new leader and support him, not destroy him through Tweeting and marching.

Some things I just don’t understand …


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    Shali 1 year

    From what I understand, many of these protestors did vote against him. Concerns have been raised around civil rights, environmental rights, reproductive rights, including abortion, cuts in education, disability, social security, medical et al. I think many people feel angry and

    threatened, afraid of a totalitarian state which does not reflect their vision of America, but panders to big business and the wealthy at the expense of everyone else. The divisions among different sectors of the American people are deep, and growing deeper. Racism, and rampant

    misogyny are now deemed acceptable among many high profile politicians. The politics of expediency have been joined by the politics of rage. The lawsuits are growing. Even the judges are angry. Scary stuff.

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    Lurch 1 year

    Well damn !…….I only clicked on this because I thought I’d see some HOT midget horse porn.

    Just to clarify, we are talking about dwarfs getting it on with horses, right ?

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      No, no, hot midget horse porn posts have been moved to my NEW site:

      Sorry for the confusion!

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