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Tai Chi

Practicing Tai Chi (TAIJI), even at its most basic level, will bestow a more relaxed mind, calmer spirit, and flexible body, along with the improvements of how you feel about yourself.

Tai Chi (tie chee), also occasionally spelled Taiji, is a system of exercises developed over a span of hundreds of years in China. Originally designed as a fighting method similar to Kung Fu, Tai Chi has so much more to offer for today’s mature adult. Starting to feel some pain in the left wrist? Tai Chi can help. Recovering from a stroke? Yep, it can help that, too. It’s great for balance problems. Too much stress in your life? That’s a Tai Chi specialty.

The exercises and movements of Tai Chi are performed in a slow and relaxed fashion, as opposed to most Western styles of exercise. Tai Chi is:

  • Noncompetitive.
  • Nonimpact.
  • Highly aerobic (in the sense that you are breathing deeply).
  • Wonderful for joint health.
  • Useful for increasing blood oxygen levels and flow.
  • Useful for decreasing high blood pressure.
  • Great for increasing range of motion.
  • Commonly used to reduce the effects of stress.
  • A way to increase your balance and gracefulness.
  • A great way to meet and socialize with like-minded people your age.

Tai Chi is perhaps the ultimate exercise for mature adults given its remarkable benefits and nonimpact, slow-speed performance.

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