9 Good Things About The U.K. – From An American

U.K. History The history of the U.K. stretches so far back, to an American it's mind-boggling. They ARE history. We're just a drop in the bucket comp

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U.K. History

The history of the U.K. stretches so far back, to an American it’s mind-boggling. They ARE history. We’re just a drop in the bucket compared to them.


There’s just something awe-inspiring about the pageantry of the U.K.

The Queen

The Queen – some might be for her, others against her, but she’s still the freakin’ QUEEN!

Their Cars

Having been the owner of a Jaguar and several Triumphs, I think I’m qualified to say that although their electrical systems are terrible, they’re exciting and fun cars.

Their Pubs

I’ve always wanted to have a local pub to hang out in. Whole families having a meal and drinks, kids running around, buxom bar lasses …

Their Insane Football Fans

They make American football fans look like wussies.These guys plan their campaigns like Churchill.

Their Friendliness

I have known only a handful of English, Scots and Irish in real life, a lot more online in forums and chat rooms. They tend to be the friendliest folks around.

Their Resilience

Ever heard about the bombing of London during the Second World War? These people just did NOT give up. How the Scots fought for their independence? The Irish?

Their Literature

Shakespeare. Chaucer. Dickens. Eliot. Emily and Charlotte Bronte. Huxley. Woolf. Tolkien. The list goes on and on …


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