A REAL Bedtime Story

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Care Bears cavorting ‘neath bright morning sun
Kittens and puppies all having their fun
Flowers do sway to the music so nice
Courtesy of the twelve fiddling mice


Curtsy and bow as the dancers all do
Trip the fantastic – a new waltz or two
Rainbows appear in a cloudless blue sky
Lions and lambs all together do lie

“Thank you” and “Please” are the words of the day
No one need tussle to get their own way
Lollipops grow on the branches of trees
When the snow falls, we seem never to freeze

Every day’s bright with it’s magical fill
Everyone’s healthy, no one can get ill
Women are gorgeous, the men are all sleek
Seven days loafing makes up our work week

(*looks around…*) …I think the youngsters have been lulled to sleep…
Suddenly Hell came to rule once again
Bringing back sorrow and worry and pain
Eating the puppies and slaying the cats
Throwing Care Bears into bubbling vats

Stomping on flowers and poisoning mice
Using the bones of the dancers as dice
Polluting the rainbow and darkening sky
Slaying the lions and lambs as they lie

“No, Master, NO!!!” are the words that they love
There’ll be no salvation from Heaven above
Lollipops sodden with toxic decays
Snowflakes are plague-filled, just like the old days!

Eternal darkness is what we do see
I can’t save you and you cannot save me
Women are demons, the men are much worse
Our work week is endless, our Satanic curse

(*Oops – the kids are waking up…*)
And so did the children live out their glad days
Exploring the world and its wondrous ways
It’s lunch time, I think – have a hot dog or two
You really love me, and I truly love you!
Goodnight, children …wherever you are…

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