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Delusional Seniors

I recently stopped posting on a seniors forum for several reasons, but the straw that broke the camel’s back was when one of the members left a reputation comment of “F**** YOU!”.

This was in regards to one of the most heated discussions possible today – no, not politics, although it touches upon it. Not sex. Not even legal weed.

Guns. Specifically, guns in America.


See, this forum is mainly American but has a large number of Canadians, Brits and Aussies. Also a lot of wackadoos. One of the latter left that jolly comment on my Rep Wall, despite all the supposed rules against such malarkey. but she’s buddies with the moderator, so …

What brought it about was a long and convoluted tale (as are most of these things), but basically it boiled down to me, a guy in favor of active resistance against bad guys, versus this old lady who is hell-bent against guns and any kind of self-defense. It began with the college shooting in Oregon but devolved into gun control in general.

Obviously she believes that evil can be thwarted by simply wishing it so. I believe a bit more elbow grease is needed.

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One thought on “Delusional Seniors

  1. Terry Rond says:

    I wondered why I had not seen you there, Phil. I don’t post there much anymore. I just don’t fit there I guess. I do read here sometimes and enjoy it. Hope you are well!

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