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Simplified Living

Attempting to simplify your life may seem to be an overwhelming task. The amount of stuff you have accumulated during your life and the amount of things you are obliged to do to achieve simplified living may seem to be too large a mountain to climb.

However, there is no law that states you have to simplify your life all at one time. Just do one thing at a time, and take baby steps. You’ll get there, and you’ll have fun doing it.

As a matter of fact, you are probably able to do a few small but important things today to begin living the simple life.

Use Your Bike

Decide which errands you execute close to home. A lot of our daily errands occur within a couple of miles for matters like grocery store shopping, dry cleaning and banking.

You are able to easily execute these errands by bicycling rather than utilizing a car, which will preserve energy and add a little fresh air and physical exertion to your life in the bargain.

You could bicycle to work. If you live within bicycling distance of your line of work, the advantages may be tremendous. You are able to avoid the tension of expressway commutes and are furnished a good opportunity to better your health. What is more, the average American drops over $9,000 a year to drive and keep up his car1). You are able to save on these expenses by bicycling to your job.

Encourage your small frys to bicycle. Rather than driving them wherever they require to go, let them pedal there. You are able to go with them to guarantee that they remain safe and ride home with them whenever they’re finished. This works particularly well in reference to daily trips to school and assisting them in burning up excess energy on the way home.

Search for local bicycle paths and scenic routes in your area. Bicycles may go into parks and additional spaces that cars can not. By utilizing them as part of your ride to work or on errands, you are able to trim back substantially on travel time.

Utilize bicycling in conjunction with public transportation systems. Subways, buses and train services are a fact of life in a lot of big cities, but even the best ones won’t take you a hundred percent to your door. A bicycle may make that last leg of your trip go more rapidly, and a lot of public transit services have conveniences for bikers (such as racks on buses) to assist you.


Turn Off The TV

Record your preferred shows. Rather than sitting through commercials, recording gives you the alternative to skip them all in all. Additionally, if the show is atrocious in the first place you are able to fast-forward to see if it’s going to become any better, instead of having to sit and wait through the total show.

Think to see if the shows are worth it, or if you’re just looking on out of tedium. For one week, bring forward the self-control to give up viewing the shows that you watch on a regular basis. You will know at the end of the week which shows to keep watching and which shows were not significant enough to watch over again. Chances are you will have at least one or two shows to do away with from your viewing schedule per week.

Discover a fresh hobby. If there’s something you are passionate about doing, there’s a probability you would be willing to switch off the TV in favor of working on that hobby.

Schedule dates with other people for times when you are normally watching TV. Whether it’s having a fellowship night at home or going to a weekly dinner with acquaintances, you are less likely to be in front of the TV if there’s someplace else to be and a commitment you’ve made to others. Think about enrolling in a work out class or a different type of course that will make sure to keep you out of the house.

Get out and exercise. The advantages of heath, possible weight loss and being active far out-balance sitting in front of the TV. Get into a work-out routine during the time when you’d commonly be watching television programs. Exercise may be rather addictive; you might wind up getting so involved with it that TV could become a distant second choice when it comes to picking out something to do.

Watching too much TV may make you feel a little brain-dead and it may also take years off your life.

The more time you spend watching television, the higher your risk of dying at an earlier age – particularly from heart conditions, researchers found2).

The subject area followed 8,800 grownups with no history of heart condition for more than 6 years. Compared to those who watched less than 2 hours of television per day, inhabit who watched 4 hours or more were eighty percent more probable to die from heart conditions and forty-six percent more probable to die from any cause. Altogether, 284 individuals died during the study.

Each extra hour spent in front of the television set expanded the risk of dying from heart conditions by eighteen percent and the total risk of death by eleven percent.


Buy Locally

There are countless rationalities why purchasing local food is both rewarding and delightful, including savoring the taste of fresh foods, improved health and nutrition, environmental stewardship, support for family farms and rural residential areas, and guaranteeing animal well-being.

There’s likewise substantial peace in knowing where our food comes from. Among the greatest advantages to purchasing food locally is having somebody to answer questions about how it was grown and raised. What goes in that loaf of bread? May we be certain that the pig that’s now bacon lived a life without hurting? How do we recognize those jalapeños are salmonella free?

Building up a kinship with local farmers gives us an “in” with our local food scheme. At farmers’ markets we may acquire answers to queries like: When do tomatoes get into season? How may I utilize celeriac? Frequently, we may take a tour of the farm our food comes from. A few farmers are exhilarated to share their knowledge and experience with their buyers. Inquire about the challenges your local farmers face and what they’re doing to handle them. It does not have to be complicated. Inquire about the weather! Any farmer will be proud of to discuss how the growing season is going and how that affects the food they develop. Knowing local farmers may go a long way to simplifying purchasing locally.

A different important reason to purchase local is to keep food miles to a lower limit. “Food miles” refer to the distance a food item travels from the farm to your house. The food miles for items in the food market are, on the average, twenty-seven times higher than the food miles for goods purchased from local sources3).

In the United States, the average food market’s produce moves nearly 1,500 miles between the farm where it was farmed and your refrigerator. Approximately 40% of our fruit is grown on foreign soil and, although broccoli is farmed all over the United States, the broccoli we buy at the grocery store travels an average distance of 1,800 miles to get to that store. Notably, 9% of our red meat comes from foreign nations, a few as far away as Australia and New Zealand.

Our food is trucked across the nation, dragged in freighter ships over seas and flash-frozen around the world. An enormous amount of petroleum-based fuel is wasted carrying foods over such a long distance, releasing sulfur dioxide, CO2, particulates and additional pollutants that contribute to world climate change, smog, air and sea pollution and acid rain. The refrigeration needed in order to keep our produce, dairy products and meats from spoiling during their long journey consumes yet more fossil fuel. In contrast, local and regional food suppliers consume about seventeen times less carbon dioxide.


Be A Better Shopper

Discovering how to make intelligent choices while shopping may be hard to do at first, but with time and practice it may have a substantial effect on your life. The additional money you spend on name-brands and designer brands may add up over a time period to equal a deposit on a car or that vacation you have been chewing over for years.

Intelligent shopping is best when used day in and day out, but is particularly handy during times of financial adversity, downturns in the economy, layoffs or being faced with new expenses. It may be utilized to help yourself pull out of debt or to save additional money when you would like to make a big purchase or expenditure in the time to come.

The results of smart shopping may be expected for both the person and society as a whole. For the person, intelligent shopping may result in paying back student loans and additional debt, having more fiscal stability and managing to amass something of a cushion in the savings account. On a bigger scale, intelligent shopping means that expensive corporate businesses will get less support, which results in a more sustainable society in general.

By beginning to shop smart, you’ll annihilate stress that’s affiliated with wondering whether you’ve enough to pay the bills and start to feel good about the money you’re saving or the debts you’re paying back. You’ll learn to get the most beneficial product for the most beneficial price, and never be left with the feeling that you’ve just paid a bit too much for a product whose quality is sub-par or simply adequate.

To be a smart shopper you have to consider what changes in lifestyle you’re willing to commit to. For example, if you’re set on wearing “Brand A” jeans, which may be a huge hit on your wallet, think about whether you’re willing to exchange them for the cheaper “Brand B” jeans that appear similar.

If not, ask yourself if you’re willing to abandon the in-store shopping experience in order to discover the best deal possible online. It’s all about optimizing on the alterations you’re personally ready to make.



From the food market to your local mall, costs are increasing across the board. To prevent the markups at the mall, make the best of local resources. Check into to find sales in your area. You are able to also check out This is an Internet-based group that links up individuals who are doing away with stuff with individuals who want it. All of the items are given away for free.

Type “freecycle” into Google Search or just go to Take the time to check out the information on the website. Here you will learn about Freecycle’s stated goals to getting individuals to exchange free items while keeping garbage out of the landfills.

You will have to type your physical location into the “Find a Group Near You” section. This will give you a list of Freecycle groups close to you. Click on that group and you will be shown a brief description and given a link to a Yahoo group. You are now one step closer to free stuff!

Then click on the link that will take you to the Yahoo groups you found on your Freecycle groups page. When you’re on the Yahoo listings page click “join this group”. From this point you will have to sign in with your Yahoo e-mail information. If you don’t have a Yahoo e-mail account, register for one. They are free as well.

You have now with success signed up for Freecycle. You will now get several e-mails daily from members giving away or wanting things. You are also encouraged to add your own wanted items or give-aways. If you spot something that you would like, respond to that person’s e-mail and set up a meet or pickup time. I have in the past picked up a free notebook computer and free books for my children. Great stuff!

As more people attempt to come up with methods to become more “sustainable” or “green”, one of the most historically successful techniques to reduce your carbon footprint is to simply not purchase new items to start with.

It’s a no-brainer to concentrate on solar panels, double-paned windows, composting bins or adding weatherization to your home. But if more people would simply be content with used products, that by itself would make a huge difference in cutting-back on the depletion of our resources.



Advantages of Laughter:
Hormones: Laughter decreases the level of tension hormones such as dopamine, human growth hormone, cortisol and epinephrine (adrenaline). It simultaneously increases the amount of “healthy” hormones such as neurotransmitters and endorphins. Laughter also increases the number of cells that create antibodies and increases the efficiency of T cells. This all leads to a more potent immune system as well as fewer physical effects due to tension.
Physical Release: Have you ever felt like you “have to laugh or you will cry”? Have you undergone the cleansed feeling after a beneficial laugh? Laughter allows for a physical and emotional release.

Internal Physical Exertion: A deep, hearty laugh works the diaphragm, causes the contraction of the abdominal muscles and supplies a good work-out for the shoulders, resulting in muscles that are more relaxed afterward. It even provides a nice exercise for your heart.

Distraction: Laughter takes the focus away from anger, guilt feelings, tension and damaging emotions in a more beneficial way than other simple distractions.

View: Studies show that our response to distressing events may be changed by whether we see that event as a ‘danger’ or a ‘challenge’. A good sense of humor can give us a more relaxed view and cause us to see events as ‘challenges’, in that sense making them less dangerous and more endurable.

Social Advantages of Laughter: Laughter associates us with other people. Likewise, laughter is catching, so if you bring more laughter into your life, you are able to most likely help other people around you to laugh more, and see these benefits as well. By bringing up the mood of those around you, you are able to reduce their tension levels, and maybe improve the quality of social interaction you have with them, reducing your tension level even more!


Find And Follow Your Passion

Start out by evaluating your skills and gifts. Arrive at a list of all the things you have been adept at. On this same sheet of paper, make 3 columns.

The beginning one is labeled Line of Work Now. In that column, put a check mark next to all the skills and gifts that you’re presently utilizing.

The 2nd column is tagged Joyfulness and Significance. Here place a check mark next to any skill that imparts you joyfulness and a sense of meaning when you’re utilizing it. This includes accomplishments that you might not be presently utilizing in your occupation.

The 3rd column is marked Dream Occupation. In that column place a check mark next to any skills that you would like to utilize in a dream occupation.

As you’re exercising this drill, you might think of additional skills and you are able to add them to the list. After filling in the checklists, make a few notes for yourself about any ideas and thoughts that came up about what a dream job may be.

Consider the ambition you might have swallowed up as it wasn’t practical. Ambitions may come true, but you have to be willing to trust in them. Read stories about individuals who have made their dreams come true. The source of a destiny often comes from hard or dreadful experiences that we have undergone or overcome. It becomes our passion, then, to help others with similar troubles.

Center on the precept of service. All vocational passions have a solid component of service in them. Whom do you service? How may you utilize your talents and gifts to serve them? What subjects in the community, in industry, or in society do you worry about? Have you ever wished that you could make some difference? These are clues to your passion.

In order to be of service to other people, we first of all have to do what brings us pleasure. So do what delights you, and you’ll likely discover that you’re getting knowledge and skills that will help you to be of service to other people in the time to come. Occasionally it is enough simply to know that if you do what brings you pleasure, even if it is not of service to anybody else, the Earth is a better place. The Earth could certainly do with a little more pleasure.


Know When Enough Is Enough

Let’s view the basic “do we have enough” particulars and see how each is crucial in our lives, and how we may work at accomplishing the perfect balance to help us live our lives to their full potential and goals.
Love doesn’t have be the rich, physical relationship that we frequently consider when we consider love. It may likewise represent the relationship you have with loved ones, acquaintances, business affiliates and the community in which you live.

Molding these relationships is crucial in all our lives as they let us interact and get to know individuals and comprehend who they are. Social networks are a crucial part of our lives and it may frequently be argued that there’s no limit on “plenty” for these relationships.Do you sound off enough and tell those around you what you’re considering or how you feel? Do you do everything you wish to do for other people in your life? Only too frequently we may be the best speaker in the world when it comes to business or vocation matters, but once it comes to personal and family relationships we fall deadly mute. Sound off and speak to those around you, and make certain that by your words and activities you’re doing for other people around you to affirm and assist them. Communication is the key to any successful personal or business relationship. Do not leave anything unvoiced.

It appears that we all have an enchantment with the clock. We frequently utilize the concept of time to delineate matters that we wish to happen, or want to happen. We likewise believe that time is the delineating component in whether or not we may do something.

How often have you heard, “I’m too old to be doing that” or “If only this would come about, then I may do that”? Don’t allow time to hold you back in life. You’re never too old to do anything and the only individual holding you back from causing something is yourself!

Do you have peace and tranquility? Do you crawl in at night without fear about exactly what will occur tomorrow? It’s essential to have faith in our lives in order to live a satisfied life. Occasionally we just have to let matters occur and not fret about them. We have to trust that matters will work out. Spend less time worrying about what will occur and instead center your energy on helping to make matters occur.

How many of us are really pleased? How many of us understand what happiness is? Everybody defines happiness differently – it’s what makes us unparalleled. Discover what makes you pleased in life and then search for it and savor it to its fullest extent. Discover what makes other people happy – and then accomplish it! Most of all be thankful for those around you who bring happiness into your life.

Never quit learning in your vocation. Capitalize on every chance to grow and become more enlightened in what you do. Look forward to the mundane as a chance to help you learn more and develop more professionally. Make certain that you’ve a clear guideline to success defined for your vocation. Know what you prefer to accomplish as a professional, and each day take another little step toward making that occur.

Do you have a role in life? What makes you awaken every morning and say, “I can’t wait to begin today”? Distinguish what your passion is in life and then go after it with a vengeance! Your life is a journey that’s different than any other you’ll ever start – so make certain that you take the time to savor it rather than worrying about every bump in the road.

For a few folks, it all comes down to the income they make. Make certain you’ve enough to live well and to do what you’d like to do in life. At the same time, make certain that you repay to the community and individuals around you through contributions of money and time. Don’t get tripped up in the trap so many individuals do of always requiring more “stuff”. Consumption isn’t the road to happiness. Belongings don’t make you pleased – only your passions and goals in life may lead you to happiness!

So do you have plenty? Or are there regions in your life where you have a bit much of one thing and not enough of the other? How may you balance your life to make certain that each of your needs in life is being met and that you know when you have enough?


Wrapping Up

What is simplified living? It’s learning to live and work simply. It’s a life-style born out of a clutter-free environment. Living and working with only what you love and require. It’s creating a personal environment where all things have a home, a purpose and a function. It’s saying “yes” to less and “no” to more. Simplified living is freedom from our culture of wanting a bit too much stuff, and having too little time.


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