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Red Pill Feedback

Red Pill

Just a few words about some of the feedback I received on my Red Pill article. This feedback was from a forum for seniors that I placed the article on, so keep that in mind.

Why do I say that? Well, Red Pill seems to be aimed at Millennials – in their 20’s – and seniors (I refer to those over 50) tend to have a completely different view of the world and of Red Pill philosophies.

As you might expect, senior women had the strongest reactions to my article. Some were outright “disgusted” at the movement; others zoned in on the “misogynistic” writings. None of the women seemed to notice (or comment upon) what I think is the driving force of the sub-culture – to return to a time when men were men. They see it instead as a totally sexist thing.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised – these ladies are largely from the time when women’s rights were a huge issue and protests were the “in” thing to do.

One or two of them, however, surprised me. They made the connection between men seeking out one-night partners and women with the same mindset. They weren’t all “you have to have long-term relationships” or “sex outside marriage is a sin!” – rather, they understood the principles of “play”. Very refreshing.

I knew there would be negative feedback – I expected it – but the depth of hatred from some commenters really threw me.

I wonder if those commenters have a full grasp of the Red Pill. If so, then is this a concern for the movement? Will it affect the development and evolution of the sub-culture, or are the remarks of a few seniors just a drop in the bucket?

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