10 Things I Have Learned from Bugs Bunny

Ever since I was old enough to open my eyes I’ve been a rabid, unashamed fan-boy of Bugs Bunny. He’s the epitome of what a REAL New Yorker should strive to be – good-looking, smart and a wise-guy. I’ve followed Bugs’ adventures since his first appearance in Porky’s Hare Hunt in 1938.

Over the years Bugs has evolved physically but has never lost his wise-guy persona. His usual targets-of-opportunity, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam, serve as foils for his quick wit and devastating practical jokes.

I’ve gone to great lengths to model my life after Bugs. Why not? He’s appeared in more films than any other cartoon character, he’s the mascot of a major corporation (Warner Bros.) and he’s recognized instantly in every country in the world.

Now, here’s the ten most important life-lessons that I’ve picked up from Bugs …

10. Everyone Loves a Wise-Guy

Bugs Bunny is really a quiet guy that doesn’t want any trouble, but when he’s backed into a corner he comes out swinging – and it’s awesome to watch. His words alone can chop down most opponents, and it’s this very Flatbush trait that endears him to millions.

9. You Can Always Talk Your Way Out of Trouble

As a corollary to the above point, Bugs will use a gradual escalation of force in his defenses. He starts by trying to ignore the trouble; he moves onto linguistic barbs, and then and only then, when all else fails, does he resort to physical measures.

8. Dressing in Drag Has Its Uses

Bugs is well-known for his penchant for dressing up in drag. Sure, it’s meant to throw his attackers off his trail, but I suspect that somewhere deep inside his furry little heart he really gets off on it.

7. Go For the Carrots, Not the Gold

Although he’s been offered unimaginable treasures, Bugs always ends up going for the carrots. Whether he’s an addict or not is beyond the scope of this article; suffice to say that he likes them a LOT. He’s turned down gold, jewels, positions of power – all in favor of his favorite Vitamin A-packed treat.

6. Take Advantage of Those Dumber Than You

This might sound a bit cruel and it probably violates a dozen politically-correct rules, but Bugs always manages to take advantage of the stupidity, greed and plain old ignorance of his opponents. And why shouldn’t he? In a street fight, there ARE no rules – you take whatever advantages you can grab.

5. It’s OK to be Sexually Attracted to Robots

I’m thinking specifically of the episode where Bugs is in Dr. Frankenstein’s castle doing battle with him and his sneaker-wearing monster. At the end of the episode a female robot-bunny comes up and gives Bugs the eye. He blows a gasket and follows her into the sunset, saying “Mechanical … so, she’s mechanical!”

4. Living in a Hole in the Ground Isn’t So Bad

I remember one episode that really left an impression on me, where Bugs is in his rabbit-hole with a bad guy flying overhead in a helicopter. Bugs sings a little ditty …

There ain't no place like a hole in the ground,
A hole in the ground,
A hole in the ground
There ain't no place like a hole in the ground
With a big fat goon a-floatin' around

Now I’ve never had the same exact opportunity to be able to USE this song, but I think of it often when I’m safely holed-up in whatever apartment or room I’m currently renting and the big bad world is out there, trying its best to ruin my day.

3. Stick Up for the Underdogs

Bugs Bunny is a sucker for the underdog. He’s always putting his own butt on the line for little baby penguins, orphaned birds and various and sundry woodland critters that seem unable to defend themselves.

2. Break the Fourth Wall

Don’t be afraid to speak directly to your audience. That’s the lesson Bugs has taught me, through his frequent use of this rule.

1. Always Have a Pithy Response Ready

Bugs is never at a loss for words – he’s got a ready quip suitable for any occasion always on the tip of his tongue. I admire and try my best to emulate anyone with this ability.

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