If You Don’t Want To Be Treated Like A Monkey At the Zoo, Don’t Fling Your Poo in Public

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I’m not really a fan of celebrity gossip nor do I usually care about what some rapper does at some award ceremony and how scandalous it was. I have far better things to do with my time. … like blog about how much I dislike those stories. Especially the ones that fling poo.

Flingin’ Poo

But even beyond that there’s a phenomenon that takes place with increasing frequency these days, in both the rarefied atmosphere of the celebrity world and the everyday, workaday world of the man in the street, a phenomenon I like to call “Wrongful Indignation”. Like its complementary “righteous indignation”, WI urges the afflicted to yell loud and long whenever they feel they have been slighted, whether orally in person or electronically online, but unlike it, it is always based on the wrongdoings of the person doing the yelling. In other words, they bring it on themselves.


My advice: I have really only one bit of advice to offer to these people … If you don’t want to be treated like a monkey at the zoo, don’t fling your poo in public.


I mean, come on – if you reveal on FaceBook that you just had a threesome with a giraffe and a small unnamed furry mammal you have to expect some negative feedback, even if only from the local ASPCA. If you wear short-shorts to the mall when you weigh 700 pounds and your legs look like two columns of semi-solid cottage cheese you have to expect people to look and to comment. If you go onto a religion forum and start expressing your personal beliefs you have to expect them to be questioned in a manner that might not be too polite.


Here’s the thing – if you don’t want people getting in your face about what you do, maybe you shouldn’t be so free about doing it publicly. Exercise a little restraint – show a little class – and leave your little idiosyncrasies and wrongful indignation at home where they belong. “I’ve got Freedom of Expression! I can say or do whatever I want!” … that’s right, you do, but so do I. What makes YOUR point of view any better than mine?

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