About Me

Philip Bonifonte (aka SifuPhil) was born with a bad moon rising and a knowledge of all things possible. He was raised by a pack of wild honey badgers and as a result just doesn’t give a shit.

Men fear him, women lust for him and The New York Times once said of him, “He is the only man alive who can out-cool the Dos Equis guy“.

Chuck Norris runs away when he sees him. Steven Seagal sucks his thumb whenever SifuPhil is mentioned. Bruce Lee wrote a book about him – “The Tao of SifuPhil“.

He is a published author with four books and hundreds of articles to his name, a freelance writer, a martial artist, a monk, a pirate and a shining beacon of hope for the oppressed. His words have touched millions and his fingers have touched dozens. He is a Renaissance man and one of the 7 New Wonders of the World. He is a Scholar-Warrior who can rip the beating heart out of an evil-doer and throw back seven shots of Southern Comfort while it’s still beating.

He likes large pepperoni pizzas, bacon cheeseburgers with pickles, oatmeal creme cookies, spanking cats, long walks in junkyards and kicking back with a bottle of Susquehanna River water while listening to thrash metal.

SifuPhil currently resides in an asylum in Pennsylvania. He is allowed one hour a day of Internet privileges.

You can contact Phil here.